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The Broad Applicability of GILS

GILS is also effective for developing teamwork and enlarging influencing skills of workers

The GILS-model was presented by instructing its workings for the generative interaction between Leader and Co-Worker. Be aware as we stated that the workings of the model are equally applicable for the interaction of:

  • leader with others as bosses, collegues, consultants, cliŽnts, providers etc:
  • co-worker with collegues, cliŽnts, etc.

In this way The GILS-model can be viewed as a general model for training of all WORKERS in influencing behavior.

Especially suitable it is for the training of management- and projectteams in behavioral skills in TEAMWORK. In these teams complex generative interaction processes of a high level have to take place. These demand for the principles the GILS-model works with:

  • collegial (horizontal) interactive generativity wherein all workers (leader inclusive) bring knowledge and ideas into their common situation
  • unilateral and multilateral interactivity, negotiating and sometimes commanding
  • respect for each member's professional competences wich generates their continuous commitment and input during the teamprocess
  • generating new insights and high quality solutions dķring interactions