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Action Generator

Generating Effective Contingent Behavior


The Action Generator is a black box that generates the leaders views and produces his or hers decisions for goals and actions in the managementreality. It generates the succesive decisions through the layers of the model the manager has to make to reach at the set of effective management behavior he or she wants to implement in practice. 

The Action Generator is presented in the cover-layer as an oval. The Action Generator urges a manager before implementing actions to:

  1. view his managementreality inclusive of his own taskcompetencies
  2. analyse this reality and decide for a clear situational contingent managementgoal
  3. choose effective influencing behavior
  4. plan to implement this behavior situationally as good as possible.

Experience with communication and influencing will vary. Some managers start as a student in this field. Others wil through hard work have arrived at higher "classrooms", say at higher levels of influencing. Managers functioning at higher levels will for example be able to generate actiondecisions during action.

The model first gives indicators that help managers discriminate easily between the three main domains. Within each domain the action generator must be used by the leader to decide for further steps, partly given by the model, partly through observation of self (and other) in interaction.

A keycompetence of good leaders becomes clear: generating and chosing effective action targets contingent with what respective complex situations demand is predominant for effective behavior. Learning effective management behavior can only be realised from this base of self-generated goals and through recurrent investing in reflection about the situational effectiveness of these choices in practice. Being effective can in other words never be the consequence of training in behavioral skills per se.  >>>>>