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Welcome to The GILS-model® site

GILS stands for: Generative Interactive Leadership Styles ®

The GILS-Model builds upon the strongpoints of earlier models of leadershipstyles. It integrates the best of them in an intelligent way and is recognised by managers and leaders in all fields of work as superbly applicable in their daily practice. The GILS-Model offers a clear structure developed out of daily managementpractice that helps managers at all levels of an organisation make the right managementdecisions and helps them to implement contingent effective managementbehavior. GILS offers organisations effective tools to realize higher levels of interactive communication between managers and co-workers, and between co-workers.

Professional managementtrainers find that using the GILS-model makes their managementtraining more effective and efficient by its use of complementary styles and contra-styles, its focus on clear (goal and) action generating, its focus on reflection and feedback, and the offering of successive levels of education.

In this website we present you:

  • the keyfeatures and general working of The GILS-Model
  • how The GILS-Model can be used in the training of managers
  • the effective use of The GILS-Model in developing managementteams
  • our evaluation of earlier models of leadershipstyles wich helps you to position The GILS-Model in (historical) perspective
  • our products and educational programms for managementtrainers

The GILS-Model has an internationallly registrated trademark ®.

The GILS-Model is developed by Robert W. van der Valk.